Valet Confidential

Find out what I've been keeping under my hat

Who is The Valet?

Photo by Cliff Spencer


I’m a public/community radio listener/baseball fan/movie buff whose passion is music.

I like to think of myself as politically aware, but I also love the mundane (celebrity gossip – woohoo!). I usually fall asleep watching The Nightly Show while doing a crossword puzzle, and as a result I have pen ink on all my bed linens and pajamas. Too much info? Maybe, but I think it says something, though I’m not sure what.

I’m a long-time C programmer who is now working in web development, mostly specializing in working on WordPress sites.

When I’m not working or looking for work, I’m a bar and club rat. I sing regularly with a couple of bands, sell merchandise for another, and try to check out the Cape Cod music scene as often as I can haul my sorry old ass out of the house. Or I’m finding music and preparing for my next radio show.

Sometimes other musicians let me sing with them. You might hear me sing with Kami Lyle, Sarah Swain, Ray Mason, Steve Shook, The Ticks or The Catbirds. I’m thinking of recording a vanity CD someday.