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Christmas in Hell 2016

The second Omnipop Omnibus christmastree-fire“Christmas in Hell” show – I guess now it’s an annual tradition! Unfortunately, the guys from whom I stole the idea for the show (and who hosted with me last year), Paul & Ted of Berkshire Radio’s Splatto Hour, were unable to make it, so for this year’s show I invited DJ Ryan Cooke of WOMR’s “Reel Music” show (Saturday nights, 9pm to midnight) to join me in the studio. Together we played some of the most silly, weird, tragic, and awful Christmas music you can imagine.

The show broadcast during the regular timeslot of the amazing Lady Di’s “Leggs Up & Dancing” show, and I half expected that some of her listeners might not be thrilled with what we were doing. Remarkably, all of the listener calls we received during the show were supportive of our efforts.

Coming up next is a special Christmas Day edition of the Omnipop Omnibus, featuring an expanded 2 hour Gospel Brunch.

And now sit back, pour yourself a nice beverage, and … um … enjoy? Sure, enjoy, yeah, that’s the word for it.


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Christmas in Hell 2015

154692_1721586488951_4665820_nFor my very first Christmas music show I was joined by a couple of special guests, my friends Paul Rapp and Ted Potrikus, who have hosted their own “Christmas in Hell” shows for about 10 years. Together we took over the studio, extending the normal 2 hour show to 3 hours and playing some of the saddest, weirdest, and craziest Christmas music from our collections. After a slight technical snafu to start the show everything went rather smoothly, I think. I hope you enjoy (if that’s the right word for it) the show – we sure had a good time in the studio that night.

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Here’s a tip …

… if you’re worried about being embarrassed by your pharmacy purchase, it’s probably not a good idea to draw attention to yourself by yelling at the sales clerk.

I just saw it happen at the local CVS. A customer was purchasing something at the back sales registers, where the pharmacy stuff is normally handled. Apparently, they didn’t have a bag large enough for her purchase. The cashier apologized and offered to run up to the front register and get a proper sized bag, but the customer was having none of it and stormed out, saying she was going to another CVS branch instead. Of course, everyone in the area noticed.


How Can You Mend a Broken Heart?

One of my many guilty pleasures is reading snarky celebrity blogs, and one of the snarkiest is Dlisted. Here’s a great example of why I lurv it so.

In an entry reporting that singer Pink is looking into Scientology, reportedly because of her depression after the breakup of her marriage, Michael K wrote:

If Pink is blue because of her heart being broken and all, why doesn’t she deal with it the way most of us deal with it? Watch a lot of porn, eat a lot of shit food and get yourself a Tickle-Me-Elmo. Those things always make me laugh. I mean, he giggles when you touch him in the belly! What’s better than that?

What can I say, that just made me laugh this morning …