Valet Confidential

Find out what I've been keeping under my hat


A Very Special Valentine’s Day For Me

Surprise!You think you have big plans for Valentine’s Day this year?  How about this – I scheduled my first colonoscopy yesterday, and the available date was Thursday, February 13.  Woo Hoo!


A Colonoscopy Haiku

Now in my fifties
Standard procedure, my ass
Knock me out good please


Is it appropriate to bring your colonoscopy doctor flowers?



Late night, driving fast
Oh hell, a speeding ticket
Goodbye to New York

A Variation:
Late night, driving fast
Fuck me! A speeding ticket!
Ready to be home


Fish Haiku – I’m a Published Poet!

Several weeks ago the plea went out among some friends on Facebook for fish haikus. Local journalist Rob Conery was hoping to use some in his regular fishing column in the Cape Cod Times. I whipped up this little ditty

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