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Singing with Zoe Lewis in Provincetown Tonight

Zoe Lewis

We’re all pretty excited here at Valet Confidential Headquarters because tonight yours truly gets to sing with the absolutely lovely Zoe Lewis in one of her regular “Speakeasy Cabaret” evenings out in Provincetown.  It’ll also be the first time I even attend one of these Speakeasy nights, which sure sound like a whole lotta fun, featuring music from the Prohibition Era. There’s video of one of last year’s Speakeasies over at

In all honesty, we won’t actually be singing together (unless, I suppose, I just happen to “forget” the words … hmm …)  Zoe will be playing piano, I believe, as I sing an old fave of mine “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime”.  I just hope I manage to do the song justice.

The show is at the Velvet Lounge (258 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA), starts around 10pm I think, and there will be a whole slew of other guests tonight, including my boss-man Chandler Travis and the fabulous Sarah Swain.

So brave the rain and come on out and see us tonight – even if I blow it, the rest of the evening is sure to be a hoot!


My Funny Valentine

The Boaks on the Phones

The Chandler Travis Three-O played on Valentine’s Day this year, part of our weekly fall/winter residency at the Harvest Gallery Wine Bar (every Friday – at least through the end of February – come on out & see us!). We broke out a slew of Chandler’s more romantic songs that we don’t normally performed (“Sex Magnet“, “In My Hand“), as well as this old standard that Berke suggested.

When I heard we might play the song, I asked to sing a verse or bridge, because “My Funny Valentine” was my parents’ song. Instead, both Chandler  & I took a crack at the whole song – he during the first set, me in the second set. Both versions came out pretty well, I think – mostly due to the fantastic backing by John Clark (bass) and Berke McKelvey (sax & keyboards), of course.

I think I only sang this song once before – I remember singing it at my parents’ surprise 20th anniversary party, and that’s it.

Dedicated to Bill & Carolyn Boak.  I love you guys and miss you every day.



See Me, Hear Me – Do You Feel Me?

20131203_135426I’m hitting the road for a few days with the Chandler Travis Three-O. We’re playing The Dogwood in Beacon, NY on Wednesday 12/4, The Stoltz Listening Room at The Avalon Theatre in Easton, MD on Thursday 12/5, Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY on Friday 12/6, and Musica in Hudson, NY on Saturday 12/7. The last of those is part of Hudson’s annual Winter Walk celebration, which I guess includes events all over town. You can get details over on the Dates page at

But gee whiz, that’s not all!

Today all four of us swung by the WCAI Cape & Islands Radio studio to record an episode of their show “The Point”.  Host Mindy Todd interviewed us and played some tracks from Three-O & Philharmonic albums and then we played a few songs live in the studio, which will be edited into the show when it airs this Thursday (12/5).  The station runs the show at 9am and 7pm Eastern and then post an archive of it on their website.  So be sure to listen when you have a chance!

And speaking of listening … if you can’t make it to Saratoga Springs, NY to see us at Caffe Lena on Friday December 6, you should consider watching the live webstream of the show that will be available on the Concert Window website.  We’re playing the show with the great Steve Shook and the Three-O is doing double-duty that night – we will be Steve’s backing group.  If that weren’t enough, we plan to pepper the show with some of our holiday tunes, so it should be a pretty cool night.  Sadly, Concert Window does not archive the show, so you’re going to have to watch it live or not at all.

Happy viewing – let me know if you end up listening to the Cape & Islands show or watching the Caffe Lena show – it’ll be nice to know you’re out there!


“I don’t want to make money, I just want to be wonderful”


or: I learn to channel my inner Marilyn

For the third year in a row, I’m going to be the Artist Wrangler/Associate Producer for the Bubbles in the Think Tank record about records for Record Store Day 2014.

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Late night, driving fast
Oh hell, a speeding ticket
Goodbye to New York

A Variation:
Late night, driving fast
Fuck me! A speeding ticket!
Ready to be home


Meeting “Van”

photo by Rich Borden

photo by Rich Borden

This one is long over-due.  Back at the end of August we took the Philharmonette on the road to the Hudson Valley in New York for shows at two of our favorite venues out that way, the Peint O’Gwrw Tafran, a Welsh tavern in Chatham, and Musica, a musical instrument store in Hudson.

Our good friends Denise & Rich setup the shows so that we could meet a very special man, George D Brantley, who was in the area for about a week.  George recorded two singles with his brother Billy back in 1968 under the name “Van & Titus” – George was “Van”/Billy was “Titus”.  One of the four songs they released is a fantastic number called “Cry Baby Cry”, which came to Chandler’s attention by way of Christine Ohlman, “The Beehive Queen”, who found the record in a yard sale (or thrift store or something like that) and re-recorded the song as a duet with Dion on her album “The Deep End“.  We’ve been performing the song off & on for several years now, and I just love singing it.

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We are Having a Party – and You are Invited!

Friday, May 3 – market it on your calendars. Better yet, head on over to and buy your tickets in advance, because Travis and Shook present the Steve Shook CD Release Party is coming to town. A town, anyway. A town called Wellfleet, MA, to be specific.

That’s right, the great Steve Shook (Homer & the Dont’s, Travis & Shook, Incredible Casuals) has come out of retirement to record a CD. A really good CD, if you ask me (and you’re reading this blog post, so in a way you are asking me). It’s called “Dignify” and if you don’t have a copy yet, you should head on over to CDBaby for the physical CD or Steve’s download site and buy it.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.

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