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A Remembrance of Memorial Days Past

P1000617For the first 12 years or so of my life here on Cape Cod, Memorial Day Weekend meant seeing the Incredible Casuals at the Wellfleet Beachcomber, usually on the Sunday of the weekend. That started the “church” season for many of us, as every Summer Sunday afternoon from about 5pm to 8pm we would congregate at da Coma and rejoice in the music the band offered up to us. There was dancing, drinking, and lots of smiles.

I think it’s only been 4 years since the string of Memorial Day weekend shows ended (the every Sunday thing stopped a couple of years earlier), and I sure do miss it. Sure, I’ve found other things to do on Sunday afternoons (my radio show, for example), but if they were to do it again, I know I’d be there in a heartbeat.

I guess I was missing the lads and their music particularly strong this year, because I decided to devote hours two & three of my show to nothing but the Incredible Casuals.

You know, my show only goes until 4, and I could easily make it da Coma by 5 on Sundays …. just sayin’.

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Support Community Radio!

Omnipop OmnibusWhen last I posted here, it looked likely that I would become a DJ for community radio station WOMR/WFMR. Well it turns out that I have and that I now have several shows under my ample belt. I’m calling the show the Omnipop Omnibus. The show is currently without a permanent home, though I for now I am subbing ever other Sunday from 1pm to 4pm (with some exceptions due to scheduling issues). This looks to be the schedule until around Halloween. The first hour of my Sunday show is a Gospel Brunch, where I try to mix some well known Gospel singers with some really obscure stuff I’ve found over the years.

The show broadcasts on WOMR (92.1fm/Provincetown, MA), WFMR (91.3fm/Orleans, MA), and online at Archives are available at for 2 weeks and you can view playlists for all my previous show at Spinitron (click here).

There’s even a Facebook group where listeners can chat with each other while listening to the show. Head on over to DJ Fred’s Omnipop Omnibus and ask to join – it’s a nice group of people, they don’t bite much (unless you’re into that sort of thing).

OK, enough background. Now to the point of all of this.

The WOMR/WFMR membership drive for Summer 2015 starts this Friday (July 17) and I will be taking pledges during my next show on Sunday July 19 (1pm to 4pm Eastern). If you want to pledge ahead of the show, I’ll gladly take your info at any time – just get in contact with me somehow (email, facebook, twitter). You can even pledge online at or call the station at 508-487-2619 or 800-921-9667 – just be sure to tell them that DJ Fred at the Omnipop Omnibus sent you!

Every little bit helps and is greatly appreciated by everyone at the station (and I’d sure love to start off with a bang my fund raising career as a DJ)


Singing with Zoe Lewis in Provincetown Tonight

Zoe Lewis

We’re all pretty excited here at Valet Confidential Headquarters because tonight yours truly gets to sing with the absolutely lovely Zoe Lewis in one of her regular “Speakeasy Cabaret” evenings out in Provincetown.  It’ll also be the first time I even attend one of these Speakeasy nights, which sure sound like a whole lotta fun, featuring music from the Prohibition Era. There’s video of one of last year’s Speakeasies over at

In all honesty, we won’t actually be singing together (unless, I suppose, I just happen to “forget” the words … hmm …)  Zoe will be playing piano, I believe, as I sing an old fave of mine “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime”.  I just hope I manage to do the song justice.

The show is at the Velvet Lounge (258 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA), starts around 10pm I think, and there will be a whole slew of other guests tonight, including my boss-man Chandler Travis and the fabulous Sarah Swain.

So brave the rain and come on out and see us tonight – even if I blow it, the rest of the evening is sure to be a hoot!


My Funny Valentine

The Boaks on the Phones

The Chandler Travis Three-O played on Valentine’s Day this year, part of our weekly fall/winter residency at the Harvest Gallery Wine Bar (every Friday – at least through the end of February – come on out & see us!). We broke out a slew of Chandler’s more romantic songs that we don’t normally performed (“Sex Magnet“, “In My Hand“), as well as this old standard that Berke suggested.

When I heard we might play the song, I asked to sing a verse or bridge, because “My Funny Valentine” was my parents’ song. Instead, both Chandler  & I took a crack at the whole song – he during the first set, me in the second set. Both versions came out pretty well, I think – mostly due to the fantastic backing by John Clark (bass) and Berke McKelvey (sax & keyboards), of course.

I think I only sang this song once before – I remember singing it at my parents’ surprise 20th anniversary party, and that’s it.

Dedicated to Bill & Carolyn Boak.  I love you guys and miss you every day.



Tune in, Turn on, Shell out


This Monday night (November 18) from 9pm Eastern until Midnight I will be guesting on the WOMR program “Psychedelic Oyster” with my buddy Chef Tony Scungilli. We will be subbing for Brad Moore, the show’s regular host. Tony is the regular of host of WOMR program “The Squid-Jigger’s Blend” (every other Wednesday morning, 6am to 9am).  Of course we’ll be playing some Grateful Dead, since that’s the show’s bread & butter, but I have a feeling Tony & I may go off on some non-traditional tangents.

Also, it is fundraiser time at community radio station WOMR and Tony & I will be trying like darned to raise some money for the station. In addition to the normal station giveaways (t-shirts, tote bags, etc), we will have some very special incentives.

So please listen in over the airwaves on 92.1 FM, out of Provincetown, 91.3 FM out of Orleans, or stream it live via the links at

And be sure to prep early so the munchies kick in during the show …


Fish Haiku – I’m a Published Poet!

Several weeks ago the plea went out among some friends on Facebook for fish haikus. Local journalist Rob Conery was hoping to use some in his regular fishing column in the Cape Cod Times. I whipped up this little ditty

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We are Having a Party – and You are Invited!

Friday, May 3 – market it on your calendars. Better yet, head on over to and buy your tickets in advance, because Travis and Shook present the Steve Shook CD Release Party is coming to town. A town, anyway. A town called Wellfleet, MA, to be specific.

That’s right, the great Steve Shook (Homer & the Dont’s, Travis & Shook, Incredible Casuals) has come out of retirement to record a CD. A really good CD, if you ask me (and you’re reading this blog post, so in a way you are asking me). It’s called “Dignify” and if you don’t have a copy yet, you should head on over to CDBaby for the physical CD or Steve’s download site and buy it.

Go ahead. I’ll wait.

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