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I am a career C programmer who in recent years has taken that background to design and develop WordPress sites and manage social networking for several local bands on a freelance basis. I find my background in the C programming language allows me to easily adapt to working with web languages, in particular HTML, SQL, javascript/jQuery and PHP.
Cape Cod, MA
Freelance Web Development and Social Media Management

Technical Skills: WordPress / WooCommerce / HTML / PHP / CSS / SQL / javascript / jQuery / DreamHost panel / phpMyAdmin / OpenOffice Suite / Google Docs / Photoshop / GIMP / Reaper / SoundForge

  • Created and designed sites, picking appropriate WordPress themes and plugins
  • Handled site administration, registration, site management
  • Redesigned older, HTML-based sites to use WordPress
  • Migrated blogger/blogspot sites to WordPress
  • Modified WordPress themes and plugins as necessary using PHP, CSS, javascript
  • Installed and configured WooCommerce, including theme modifications when existing theme did not 100% support WooCommerce
  • Wrote a WordPress plugin (PHP) to export concert dates from one site’s database for display on another site
  • Added custom display to Gigs Calendar plugin so that it displays prettier on mobile platforms
  • Modified Musopress Discography plugin to included filters for specific artists for displaying albums on label-oriented rather than artist-oriented site.
  • Helped debug Musopress Discography when running on frontpage of WordPress site.
  • Designed and created site and advertising images using Photoshop
  • Handled social network presence (Twitter, Facebook)
  • Wrote and edited copy for site features (news stories, song highlights)
  • Edited music and video files for use on sites.
  • Created sales reports using OpenOffice and Google spreadsheets and javascript
  • Structured new ecommerce interface migrating a 35-year music catalog to digital sales
Arlington, MA
Lead Programmer/Developer

Technical Skills: C Programming Language / GTK+ Graphic Toolkit / UNIX/Linux Shell Scripting (KSH, BASH) / Linux Operating System / QNX Operating System

  • Product and project management – new projects, program customization for customers, maintenance of existing software
  • Porting software from QNX4 to Linux – overall database redesign and Point of Sale, including GUI
  • Primary programmer for Point of Sale program
  • Involved in designing, developing, testing installing and supporting WINGS inventory control software at Barnes & Noble superstores
  • Involved in porting sofware from QNX2 to QNX4 (POSIX-compliant release of QNX), including onsite conversions/training of pilot sites for new system
  • Development and maintenance of system-wide library functions
  • High-level customer technical support (including hard drive data recovery)
  • Sales representative at major annual American Booksellers Association trade shows
  • Handled initial sendmail configuration for company’s original internet access
Technical Support Agent
  • developed automation scripts for software updates
  • onsite customer training
  • hardware preparation & software installation for turn-key system
  • hardware repair
WordsWorth Books
Cambridge, MA
Assistant Manager
  • Managed staff
  • Handled scheduling of work
  • Opened and closed store
  • Cashed out registers
  • Handled customer issues
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Declared majors: Material Science (1980-1982), Economics (1983-1985)
  • Programming experience: Lisp, Fortran
  • Extracuricular activities: sang in and directed a capella vocal group, The Chorallaries of MIT; worked at and managed MIT’s student center 24-hour coffeehouse.