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Meow Music Artist Agreement

ARTIST is engaging Meow Music for the purpose of developing/improving digital distribution and online sales of recordings produced and owned by ARTIST.


Meow Music will develop an online sales channel using This includes setup of sales account and connection to PayPal, creation of sales page including basic page design, upload of recordings, album art, liner notes, bonus material, etc.  ARTIST will provide all necessary recording and art files in lossless and hi-res formats via dropbox, and all text files as .rtf, .doc or Google Drive files. authorizes Meow Music to access sales and payment data using shared account passwords.


ARTIST, the owner of said Recordings, agree to commission approved ISRC Manager, Meow Music, to assign ISRCs to Recordings on ARTIST’s behalf. This agreement appoints Meow Music, as an approved ISRC Manager, to exclusively assign ISRC codes to the Recordings.  ARTIST, the owner of the Recordings, ensures that no other ISRC Manager is appointed to assign ISRCs to the Recordings covered under this agreement and that they have not and/or will not assign ISRCs to Recordings covered under this agreement. ARTIST, the owner of the Recordings, commit to use the ISRCs assigned by Meow Music in future exploitation of the Recordings. Meow Music appoints ISRCs for a fee of $5.00 per ISRC. ARTIST, the owner of the Recordings, agrees to financial terms of with respect to this appointment.

Both parties also agree to the following commitments regarding ISRCs:
ARTIST commits to ensure that no other Third Party is appointed to assign ISRCs to Recordings in the Nominated Repertoire and that ARTIST does not itself assign ISRCs to Recordings in the Nominated Repertoire.

Meow Music commits to inform ARTIST of the ISRCs that have been assigned to the Recordings.

ARTIST commits to use the ISRCs assigned by Meow Music in future exploitation of the Recordings.

Meow Music commits to keep good records and to make relevant records available to ARTIST on demand.

Meow Music and ARTIST may agree such other terms (including financial terms) with respect to the appointment as agent as they desire, provided they do not conflict with this Procedure.

If an agreement for Meow Music to act as the Third Party Applicant for is terminated or expires, then all records must be transferred to ARTIST.

If ARTIST establishes a relationship with a new Third Party Applicant, the ISRCs assigned by Meow Music should continue to be used. No new ISRCs should be allocated to tracks that have already had one allocated.

If ARTIST has previously used the services of a Third Party Applicant, the previous Third Party Applicant should transfer to Meow Music all records obtained from the old Third Party Applicant and control of its Registrant Code. Meow Music will continue to use this Registrant Code for the Nominated Repertoire.

Meow Music shall ensure that Recordings to which an ISRC is assigned are, together with appropriate metadata, registered in the industry database relevant to ARTIST, i.e., the database that they would have registered with if they had done so themselves.

If ARTIST already has a Registrant Code, the control of this code should be passed to the Meow Music, together with sufficient records to prevent duplication of ISRC.


ARTIST commissions Meow Music to register assigned ISRCs with sales, metadata and performance tracking services including Soundscan, SoundExchange and Gracenote. Registration confirmations will be provided to ARTIST upon completion.


ARTIST will pay Meow Music at the following rates for services:

Online Sales: $100.00 or a commission to equal 10% of gross receipts for online sales (digital and physical) for 6 months commencing upon the first day of promotion for online sales. The compensation method is to be determined at the time this contract is signed.

ISRC Assignment: $5 per ISRC assigned

ISRC Registration: $25 for 3 registrations

Additional services will be negotiated and appended as needed. Other options include ongoing maintenance of online sales, sales and financial reporting, Facebook sales integration, branded website integration, website development, design services, and press release development and distribution.

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