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HFS … it’s the SKATALITES!!!!

Sometimes so called “living legends” come around, and I figure I have to see them, even if they end up being crap late in their careers … I wasn’t sure what to expect when I heard that the Skatalites were going to play tonight at the Beachcomber, after the regular Incredible Casuals early evening show.

I guess I expected good, but not great. I definitely expected to be too tired after the earlier show to make through the entire evening.

Well, I’ll admit it: I … was … most definitely … *wrong* in my expectations. I don’t know, maybe they weren’t as great as I think they were, but all I know is that I had a smile on my face a mile wide for the entire night, starting with opening band Indiscretion, and I stayed there until the club made the band stop (my pal Chris had to be the bearer of bad news and tell the band they had to stop).

Actually, I think they were just as great as I thought they were … it was a wonderful evening.


Eek-A-Mouse *really* wants to know how you are feeling

So … last night, I saw Eek-A-Mouse at my favorite little cape cod live music emporium, the Wellfleet Beachcomber. The band was great – really tight rhythm section, nice variation in keyboard & guitar tones – nice stuff. Eek-A-Mouse himself … well … he’s good, he’s gregarious, he’s certaintly entertaining, but man-o-man, he kept asking the crowd “How ya feeling?” all night long … he said it between songs, he said it during lulls in songs, he sang it … I had a lot of trouble getting past this and enjoying the show more (admittedly, I’m much more of a funk fan than a reggae fan when it comes to heavily beat-oriented music). By the end of the night, it had gotten to the level of antipathy for me of rappers saying “put your hands in the air, and wave ’em like you just don’t care”.

I was thinking it would make an excellent drinking game to drink each time he says it in a show … but most people would probably pass out after the 2nd song, if not earlier, assuming they were doing shots.

Oh, and for the record … I’m feeling A-OK (though perhaps a bit bitchy) … thanks for asking, Eek!