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Clean as a Whistle!

The Colon

I had my very first colonoscopy on Thursday and the doc gave me a clean bill of health – YAY! I have a healthy colon, and don’t have to do this again for another 10 years!

Not all that bad, really – and yes, the drugs were very nice (they used propofol on me).

Apparently, part of the procedure is to inflate the colon.  In the recovery room, this leads to the nurses telling you in the nicest way possible to fart as much as possible.  “Just keep pushing that air out”, they say.

They even gave me pictures (of the procedure, not the farts!), which I feel semi-obligated to share … consider yourselves warned!


A Very Special Valentine’s Day For Me

Surprise!You think you have big plans for Valentine’s Day this year?  How about this – I scheduled my first colonoscopy yesterday, and the available date was Thursday, February 13.  Woo Hoo!


A Colonoscopy Haiku

Now in my fifties
Standard procedure, my ass
Knock me out good please


Is it appropriate to bring your colonoscopy doctor flowers?


Aww … who told them?

AARP Membership

A mere 18 months after I turned 50, I finally got my first mailing from the folks at AARP today.  I remember my mom being amazed because she got a membership plea from them something like the day after she turned 50.

I wonder how they finally figured it out …


One Last Plea For Your Love and Money

family---appreciate-recordsWe’re down to the last few days for our Kickstarter campaign for “7 Inches & Other Delights” – the 3rd Record about Records for Record Store Day from the Ever-Embiggening Staff of Bubbles in the Think Tank.

We sure want to thank those of you who contributed to the project, and would like to make a last-minute appeal to those of you who have not yet contributed and to those of you who might consider increasing your pledge.

Those of you who haven’t yet contributed – please check out the details – if you love real honest-to-goodness vinyl records and/or dig themed compilations, then this project is for you!  We’re even offering the two previous releases among the many rewards available to contributors/backers.  You can check out my summation of the project here, and our kickstarter campaign here.  We’re even lining up bonus download tracks – one of which will be a rare Blotto track previously released only as the B-Side of a single!

I do want to point out one of the rewards that have yet to be taken advantage of – for $250 you get the opportunity to have a short subliminal message on the record. Come on! How cool is THAT!?!?

For anyone who increases their pledge, DJ Belinda will send you several of her favorite songs about records which were released outside of the our projects – I don’t know what they are, but I bet they’re great.

If we manage to surpass our goal, we have a few really cool additional features we’re looking into – trust me, they will not disappoint!

So here again is our Kickstarter campaign:

And here’s an awesome remix of our promo video by my high school buddy and our label artist for “7 Inches & Other Delights”, Deane Arnold:

So please – help us give you the best possible package we can imagine.  I double-dong dare you to!


See Me, Hear Me – Do You Feel Me?

20131203_135426I’m hitting the road for a few days with the Chandler Travis Three-O. We’re playing The Dogwood in Beacon, NY on Wednesday 12/4, The Stoltz Listening Room at The Avalon Theatre in Easton, MD on Thursday 12/5, Caffe Lena in Saratoga Springs, NY on Friday 12/6, and Musica in Hudson, NY on Saturday 12/7. The last of those is part of Hudson’s annual Winter Walk celebration, which I guess includes events all over town. You can get details over on the Dates page at

But gee whiz, that’s not all!

Today all four of us swung by the WCAI Cape & Islands Radio studio to record an episode of their show “The Point”.  Host Mindy Todd interviewed us and played some tracks from Three-O & Philharmonic albums and then we played a few songs live in the studio, which will be edited into the show when it airs this Thursday (12/5).  The station runs the show at 9am and 7pm Eastern and then post an archive of it on their website.  So be sure to listen when you have a chance!

And speaking of listening … if you can’t make it to Saratoga Springs, NY to see us at Caffe Lena on Friday December 6, you should consider watching the live webstream of the show that will be available on the Concert Window website.  We’re playing the show with the great Steve Shook and the Three-O is doing double-duty that night – we will be Steve’s backing group.  If that weren’t enough, we plan to pepper the show with some of our holiday tunes, so it should be a pretty cool night.  Sadly, Concert Window does not archive the show, so you’re going to have to watch it live or not at all.

Happy viewing – let me know if you end up listening to the Cape & Islands show or watching the Caffe Lena show – it’ll be nice to know you’re out there!


Tune in, Turn on, Shell out


This Monday night (November 18) from 9pm Eastern until Midnight I will be guesting on the WOMR program “Psychedelic Oyster” with my buddy Chef Tony Scungilli. We will be subbing for Brad Moore, the show’s regular host. Tony is the regular of host of WOMR program “The Squid-Jigger’s Blend” (every other Wednesday morning, 6am to 9am).  Of course we’ll be playing some Grateful Dead, since that’s the show’s bread & butter, but I have a feeling Tony & I may go off on some non-traditional tangents.

Also, it is fundraiser time at community radio station WOMR and Tony & I will be trying like darned to raise some money for the station. In addition to the normal station giveaways (t-shirts, tote bags, etc), we will have some very special incentives.

So please listen in over the airwaves on 92.1 FM, out of Provincetown, 91.3 FM out of Orleans, or stream it live via the links at

And be sure to prep early so the munchies kick in during the show …


“I don’t want to make money, I just want to be wonderful”


or: I learn to channel my inner Marilyn

For the third year in a row, I’m going to be the Artist Wrangler/Associate Producer for the Bubbles in the Think Tank record about records for Record Store Day 2014.

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