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International Women’s Day 2018

March 8 is International Women’s Day and for the past many years WOMR has dedicated the day to special programming in celebration of women. Seeing as I had the 3 hour shift leading up to midnight, I saw my opportunity to focus my show on women in jazz.

Starting off with some of the historic Giants of Jazz, I followed up with a few Cape Cod women, and then finished off the show with more current artists. Of course, there are always omissions, but I’m pretty happy with how the show turned out and I hope you learn about some great new-to-your-ears musicians and reminded of some who may have slipped from your brain (it’s OK, it happens to everyone from time to time).

I mention during the show that I heard about many of these musicians in a New York Times article. you can check it out right here. I think it’s really informative and I learned about some fantastic musicians I am sure I will continue to play in future shows.

And with that …. here’s the show!

Download the show

Check out the playlist

[sorry I haven’t posted shows in a while – I promise I’ll try to be better about sharing these archives]


A Multi-Part Celebration of Sun Ra

I saw the email come in from the station with time slots in need of substitute hosts and saw two jazz shows right around May 30, the 24th anniversary of Sun Ra’s return to Saturn. Of course, I offered immediately to cover both shows.

Part 1 of the celebration is an early evening show from May 30, and is usually more of a “traditional” jazz program (whatever that means – heck, I think it’s all jazz and all fits the bill, but one listener called in to complain that I wasn’t playing the right stuff), so I started off with some early Sun Ra recordings with R&B and jazz artists and tried to keep things for the rest of the show a little more on the traditional side of things (as “traditional” as things get with Sun Ra). Early on during the show a couple of listeners called in to say they were really enjoying it (one woman said something along the lines of “I don’t usually like jazz, but I’m really enjoying what you’re playing”)

“Son of a Preacher Man” for this show was performed by The Borna Sercar Trio

Download Sun Ra Celebration Part 1 (May 30, 2017)

Check out the playlist for Part 1

Part 2 is a late-night show on May 31, and I felt I could get a little weirder there. I played several sets of other artists playing Sun Ra tracks or tributes to Sun Ra, too. There’s even a Sun Ra “Fun With Fred’s Phone” feature! (OK, I cheated a little; in anticipation of these shows, temporarily I loaded my phone with ONLY Sun Ra music)

“Son of a Preacher Man” for this show was performed by Rebecca Jenkins

Download Sun Ra Celebration Part 2 (May 31, 2017)

Check out the playlist for Part 2

Finally, there’s a third archive, an excerpt from the following Sunday night (June 4). I had about an hour of Sun Ra music leftover from the first two shows (ready to play yet not enough time), so for the middle hour of my 3-hour Sunday night show, I decided to share that music. I ended up closing the whole show with “Love in Outer Space”, but that’s not included in this archive.

Download Sun Ra Celbration Coda (June 4, 2017)

Check out the playlist (this is for the entire show, not just the Sun Ra part of the show)

So there you have it. Seven hours of Sun Ra. Enjoy!

“Sunrise in Outer Space, Love for Everybody.”


Miles Davis and A Trio of Birthdays

Miles-SmilingThis is another “5th Wednesday of the month” show. WOMR has alternating DJ’s for Wednesdays on weeks 1 & 3 and 2 & 4 of the month, but no one permanently on the schedule for the 5th Wednesday. I’ve enjoyed taking these 5th Wednesdays and playing jazz from my collection.

To commemorate the release of the new bio-pic “Miles Ahead” as well as a tip I heard that the next Miles Davis bootleg series collection will feature recordings from the “Miles Smiles” era, the first hour of this Omnijazz Omnibus show featured songs from “Miles Smiles” – some from the album, some played live, and some performed by other musicians.

The second hour of the show celebrated the March 30 birthdays of Norah Jones, Astrud Gilberto, and Marvin Pontiac.

Note on the recording: I forgot to start my recorder at the beginning of the show so I had to grab the beginning of this archive from the online archives at and there seem to have been a few hiccups.

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2015 Wrap Up, Part the Second: Jazz

Fred-with-2015-balloonsFor my very first jazz show (hosting the rare fifth Wednesday of the month slot at WOMR), I tried to find some cool stuff that had been released in 2015. I came up with 2 hours and then played another hour of other fun stuff that I have in my collection. I had so much fun doing this show that I offered to take over the fifth Wednesday slot whenever it came up (there are four in 2016) and wound up subbing for Yankee Dave’s “Miles to Go” show or the first month & a half of 2016.

My most humble apologies for omitting both Henry Threadgill & Zooid’s 2015 release “In For a Penny, In For a Pound” and the “Jack DeJohnette / Henry Threadgill / Richard Abrams / Larry Gray / Roscoe Mitchell live album “Made in Chcago”, both of which I have in my collection but somehow missed when building the show.

Download the show

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