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International Women’s Day 2018

March 8 is International Women’s Day and for the past many years WOMR has dedicated the day to special programming in celebration of women. Seeing as I had the 3 hour shift leading up to midnight, I saw my opportunity to focus my show on women in jazz.

Starting off with some of the historic Giants of Jazz, I followed up with a few Cape Cod women, and then finished off the show with more current artists. Of course, there are always omissions, but I’m pretty happy with how the show turned out and I hope you learn about some great new-to-your-ears musicians and reminded of some who may have slipped from your brain (it’s OK, it happens to everyone from time to time).

I mention during the show that I heard about many of these musicians in a New York Times article. you can check it out right here. I think it’s really informative and I learned about some fantastic musicians I am sure I will continue to play in future shows.

And with that …. here’s the show!

Download the show

Check out the playlist

[sorry I haven’t posted shows in a while – I promise I’ll try to be better about sharing these archives]

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