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A Dose of Late Night Omnipop

It was just a little over twenty four hours prior to doing this show and I really didn’t have much of an idea what I was going to play. I had one song I wanted to play, Dream Syndicate’s “Days of Wine and Roses,” but really nothing else. Then, just as I was just getting off the air, we got a call at the station asking me to play some Captain Beefheart. Great idea, but I wasn’t on the air anymore! “However, I told caller ‘Underground Tom,’ “I am on the air tomorrow night and I’ll be sure to play your request then.”

So I had that.

And then the show just kind of flowed as I started looking for songs. One song or artist made me think of another and another, much like the way I often shop in record stores. Normally, I don’t go alphabetically through the store, I jump from section to section and artist to artist. Sometimes I revisit the same section or letter of the alphabet multiple times, as one artist reminds me of another and then back. It’s fun trying to keep up with my mind, too, because many times one artist makes me think of multiple artists in different parts of the store, so I have to try to go back to the original fork and try and recreate the additional paths.

Fun fun fun! It can be kind of exhilarating (and sometimes frustrating when I *know* there was someone I wanted to look for but have completely forgotten who or why.

This was a whole lot like that. I found a bunch of songs. I forgot some, too, and remembered on the drive up to the station, so I had to search again for some stragglers.

I still didn’t have a song sequence though. Usually I program the entire show in advance, although I’m fully prepared to make changes on the fly if things run long (or short), or I get requests, that sort of thing. Of course I had a version of “Son of a Preacher Man” to play, and I had my starting song, and an idea of what was going to come after that, but I really didn’t have a plan after that.

Except, of course, I knew I had to play some Captain Beefheart.

So here’s the show. There’s some prog-rock, some hip-hop, some short songs, some really long songs, some noisy songs, some pretty songs, some weird songs, some power pop … you know, Omnipop. Listeners seemed to enjoy it; I got several calls of appreciation. I hope you enjoy it, too.

“Son of a Preacher Man” this week was performed by Liza Minnelli

Download the show

Check out the playlist 

Good for what ails ya.

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