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2016 So Far – Part 1

2016-So-Far---Part-1It’s just over half-way through 2016, and I figure it’s a good time to go through the music that I added to my collection this year and play a few of the new-for-2016 songs that made an impact on me. Once I started getting into it, I found I really dug way more than I could fit in one show.

This is the first of what I’m pretty sure will be at least two shows, more likely three, of songs from 2016. All the tracks are on 2016 releases, and I’m trying to stay away from archival or “best of” releases, with the exception of the tracks I play in the Gospel Brunch Hour portion of the show.

Happy listening!

This week’s “Son of a Preacher Man” performed by The University of Florida Marching Band

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