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Our Maiden Voyage – A 3 Hour Tour

Ship ChristeningThis is the one that started it all – the very first episode of The Omnipop Omnibus. It’s rough, folks, really rough, but I made it through the show without crying or even thinking about quitting, so really – WIN!

I remember being in the weeds early in the 2nd hour – I realized that if I was going to play songs that are only 2 minutes long, I really need to plan things out or at least have a rough idea of what I want to play. I’ll admit it, the first hour of longer Gospel songs got me kinda cocky, but oh, those 2 minute doo-wop/R&B songs … yowza! At some point I literally tossed a CD into one of the players, spun the track selection knob, and hit play. After that, I grabbed a couple of longer songs (NRBQ’s “Flat Foot Flewzy” and Frank Zappa’s “RDNZL”), got by breath & bearings back, and had at least a slightly more relaxed time for the rest of the show.

Like I said earlier, I made it to the end relatively unscathed. And I knew I wanted to do it again and again.

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