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DJ Valet? Apparently, it’s going to happen.

20131203_135426Well this sure happened fast…. after hemming & hawing for about 2 years, I think, I finally went up to Provincetown for DJ training, watching a couple different DJ’s work the board and asking questions (thanks to Matty & Carol for that!), then did a half hour or so on my own while my pal DJ Tony watched & commented … and now I’m going to substitute for a 3-hour time slot all on my own. Crazytown!

I’m calling my show “The Omnipop Omnibus.” Mostly, it’s a kitchen sink sort of show but will probably lean heavily on R&B. Since my first sub is a Sunday, I’m going to start off with an hour or so of gospel music, a “gospel brunch”.

So please tune in & listen – my first show is Sunday May 24 (that’s tomorrow as  I write this) from 1pm to 4pm. Broadcast on WOMR (92.1fm / Provincetown, MA), WFMR (91.3fm / Orleans, MA) and streaming live world-wide at

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