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Singing with Zoe Lewis in Provincetown Tonight

Zoe Lewis

We’re all pretty excited here at Valet Confidential Headquarters because tonight yours truly gets to sing with the absolutely lovely Zoe Lewis in one of her regular “Speakeasy Cabaret” evenings out in Provincetown.  It’ll also be the first time I even attend one of these Speakeasy nights, which sure sound like a whole lotta fun, featuring music from the Prohibition Era. There’s video of one of last year’s Speakeasies over at

In all honesty, we won’t actually be singing together (unless, I suppose, I just happen to “forget” the words … hmm …)  Zoe will be playing piano, I believe, as I sing an old fave of mine “Brother, Can You Spare a Dime”.  I just hope I manage to do the song justice.

The show is at the Velvet Lounge (258 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA), starts around 10pm I think, and there will be a whole slew of other guests tonight, including my boss-man Chandler Travis and the fabulous Sarah Swain.

So brave the rain and come on out and see us tonight – even if I blow it, the rest of the evening is sure to be a hoot!

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