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This Monday night (November 18) from 9pm Eastern until Midnight I will be guesting on the WOMR program “Psychedelic Oyster” with my buddy Chef Tony Scungilli. We will be subbing for Brad Moore, the show’s regular host. Tony is the regular of host of WOMR program “The Squid-Jigger’s Blend” (every other Wednesday morning, 6am to 9am).  Of course we’ll be playing some Grateful Dead, since that’s the show’s bread & butter, but I have a feeling Tony & I may go off on some non-traditional tangents.

Also, it is fundraiser time at community radio station WOMR and Tony & I will be trying like darned to raise some money for the station. In addition to the normal station giveaways (t-shirts, tote bags, etc), we will have some very special incentives.

So please listen in over the airwaves on 92.1 FM, out of Provincetown, 91.3 FM out of Orleans, or stream it live via the links at

And be sure to prep early so the munchies kick in during the show …

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