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“I don’t want to make money, I just want to be wonderful”


or: I learn to channel my inner Marilyn

For the third year in a row, I’m going to be the Artist Wrangler/Associate Producer for the Bubbles in the Think Tank record about records for Record Store Day 2014.


Bubbles in the Think Tank - The Petite 7 Inch Record - coverThe first record we produced, for Record Store Day 2012, was called “The Petite 7 Inch Record” It was pressed on purple vinyl and featured six tracks by Bubbles in the Think Tank favorites Ray Mason, Socky & Jamie (with the Spampinato Brothers), Ruth Wallis, David Greenberger (with Birdsongs of the Mesozoic), Paulette, and Chandler Travis. Its fabulous artwork was provided by members of Bubbles in the Think Tank’s ever-embiggening staff, Fred “Freddy” Stockwell (cover image), Eric “Saint” Slade (label images) and Pauie “Swami” Cirincione (art direction/layout).

Songs on the Petite 7 Inch Record covered many aspects of records: care for records (Socky & Jamie’s “(If You Wanna) Borrow My Records”), making records both technically (David Greenberger & Birdsongs of the Mesozoic’s “How Records Are Made”) and musically (The Chandler Travis Philharmaniacs’ “Still Wanna Make a Record”), records as a sexual metaphor (Ruth Wallis’ “Long-Playing Daddy”), listening to records (Ray Mason’s “Liner Notes”) and record stores (Paulette’s “Record Store Owners”).


Bubbles in the Think Tank - Eponymously Entitled - coverFor Record Store Day 2013 we produced our 2nd record about records. “Eponymously Entitled” was pressed on clear vinyl and featured six more tracks from six different Bubbles in the Think Tank favorites The Catbirds, Deke Dickerson, Mr Curt and Bird Mancini, The Weisstronauts, SEMI-Chuck, and Pete LaBonne. Our friend in Japan, Yutaka Suzuki, who is also a fabulous musician himself (Movin’ Jellyd), provided the cover image, somehow we managed to get Cal Schenkel (Frank Zappa,Captain Beefheart) to create the labels, and it was all put together by our pal Todd Remley..

Quite possibly, the six tracks on “Eponymously Entitled” covered even more diverse topics than those on “The Petite 7 Inch Record” – The Catbirds’ “Playin’ Records” is a lament of one’s kid doing nothing but hiding in his room and … yup … playin’ records. Deke Dickerson’s “Bop Wax” is just a celebration of all things records. SEMI-Chuck’s “Format Collector” tells the tale of being a Beatles completist. To be honest, we’re not quite sure the meanings of the remaining three, The Weisstronauts’ “Stacks of Wax (Must Relax)”, Mr Curt and Bird Mancini’s “Solar Vinyl Compactor”, and Pete LaBonne’s “Down With It” – but they’re really cool and really catchy. We even added two bonus download tracks by Chris Ligon (more on him in just a minute) and Twink, The Toy Piano Band, both of which tie in nicely with the surprise we added at the end of the Pete LaBonne track (on vinyl only – you don’t get that coolness in the digital download version). We have a guest vocal introduction on each side of the vinyl, too – so special (and – technically – unlicensed) that I can’t tell you who it is – you’ll just have to get the record.

Those who donated to the “Eponymoulsly Entitled” Kickstarter campaign or pre-ordered the record got plenty of bonus swag, too – buttons, stickers, postcards, promo photos – I don’t even remember everything we threw in those boxes, but it was a lot!


Unknown-Album-CoverWhich brings me to the point of all of this. Fundraising. Yes, we need your money for our third record about records. We don’t have a cover image yet, but we do have a title.

7 Inches & Other Delights

So far, we have five musicians announced for the record – Darling Pet Munkee (featuring highly prolific Boston-area musicians and movie makers Michael J Epstein and Sophia Cacciola), Chicago-area musician Chris Ligon (Clang! recording artist, co-host of the annual event Chris & Heather’s Country Calendar Show), long-time Boston icon Ed “Moose” Savage (Moose & the Mudbugs, Ed “Moose” Savage and His Litany of Complaints, proprietor of “Picture Paradise”), Greenwich Village mainstay Jake Jacobs (“The Magicians”, “Bunky & Jake”, “Jake and the Family Jewels”), and a reunion of Travis & Shook (Chandler Travis & Steve Shook of “Club Wow” fame – also two of the three founding members of the Incredible Casuals). We’ll be springing the sixth musician on you real soon.

For the cover image, we have artist & musician Jad Fair (Half Japanese); for the label, we have my old high school buddy and viral pumpkin carver sensation Deane Arnold. And for you policy wonks, we even lined up Harold Feld from Public Knowledge to contribute to the liner notes. It’s bound to be an impressive package.

Once again, we’re using the folks at Kickstarter to help finance our record. We’re already off to a pretty good start, but we need lots of help, love, and … yes … money from our friends. So please check out the project and consider donating – there are lots of cool reward levels. even chances to catch up and get copies of the first two records if you’re new to all of this.

As our fearless leader Belinda (a/k/a Dominatrix of the Airwaves) likes to say:

It’s nice to be nice when you know that you’re nice.


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