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Songs for Me, Just Me

Valet SelfieThere’s a new song about me!

I gave money to the Kickstarter campaign for Michael J Epstein & Sophia Cacciola‘s horror/thriller movie “TEN” and one of the rewards was that they would right a song about me.  I sent them some info about me (I think I included the Cape Cod Chronicle article), and … voila! … a new song about me!  I think it’s ultra-fab and really couldn’t be more thrilled:

Thanks, Michael & Sophia!

Michael & Sophia have a new Kickstarter campaign up right now, helping to finance another film “a psychological sci-fi feature” called “Magnetic“.  They’ve already made their goal, but If they get 200 backers, they’re going to make ALL of their music available to the backers – and that’s a whole lot of music, so be sure to check out the Kickstarter campaign for Magnetic!

And be on the lookout soon for a special Bubbles in the Think Tank announcement that includes Michael & Sophia’s band Darling Pet Munkee, too!  We’re all pretty excited about it here at Valet Confidential, but Belinda at BitTT would be mad if we were to spill all the beans before her!

Oh, and in case you don’t know about the first song written about me, it’s a fabulous Chandler song called “My Valet”.  I believe he wrote it 10 years ago or so, not long after we came up with the whole valet persona.  This recording is from back in 2004.  We didn’t do the song for quite some time, but revived it around my birthday last year and it’s still getting played from time to time – ask for it, you might get to see my dance moves!

Pretty exciting having one song written about me, not to mention two (even if I did have to commission one of them)!

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