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Fish Haiku – I’m a Published Poet!

Several weeks ago the plea went out among some friends on Facebook for fish haikus. Local journalist Rob Conery was hoping to use some in his regular fishing column in the Cape Cod Times. I whipped up this little ditty

Fishy go swim swim
Whoop he has a hook in mouth
Put in taco, please

And whaddayaknow … Rob was crazy enough to include it in his columnn! I’m amongst great company, too – Chandler Travis, Susan Blood, Dan Gallagher, Bill O’Neill, Rose Parkington, Sue LaVallee of the Ticks, and many more.

You can see the whole article here.

Rob’s a really good writer and a great supporter of local music. Keep an eye out for his byline – it’ll be worth the read.

ps: apologies to the Fitzburgs for stealing the first line of my haiku from their song “Fishy Go Swim Swim”. I like to think of it as an homage.

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