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Who are You (who who? who who?)

According to Lady Trout, it’s National Delurking Day!

I had forgotten/didn’t know; I better hurry and break out the Delurking deocrations, play traditional Delurking games, and listen to all of my favorite Delurking music.

I know I have a few regular readers – via Google Analytics I know there are a fairly good number of regular hits to blogspot version of the blog – plus at this time there are 4 subscribers to the blogspot version of my blog, and 6 to the MySpace copy of it.

So, if you are one of my anonymous readers, please feel free to comment here and say “hi” – or not, if you prefer to remain anonymous. If you don’t feel like commenting but want me know who you are, you can send me email!

Anyway, thanks for reading this, folks.

And remember, just 365 shopping days until next Delurking Day …

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