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Surfin’ Word

So … here’s a little idea, I’m hoping it catches on …

For the blogger version of my blog (, as opposed to the MySpace or Facebook copies of the same blog), I have the commenting setup so that you have to enter a “word verification” in order to comment. I’ve noticed that here at blogger, the words are usually nonsense combos of letters. Either that, or my Word Power is a whole lot worse than I thought it was, anyway.

So … my idea is that whenever we comment on a blog and enter one of these confirmation words, also add the word to the text of your comment. If you want to try and come up for a definition of the word, too, that would be a great extra bonus.

Just an idea …

7 Responses to Surfin’ Word

  1. Susan says:

    Hmm, can I go back to my comment after the word verification thingy pops up?

  2. Susan says:

    No, but my word was ousnesse, which is refers to spending the day on the couch reading smutty romances and eating bon bons. A day of ousnesse.

    Pronounced oos-NES.

  3. Fred says:

    very nice … thanks!

    The prompt you get must be the way I have comments setup included in the blog post page, rather than on a separate page (which is how Trout Towers is setup). When I tried it myself on my own page, I didn’t get the word verification either way, so I wasn’t sure what would happen for the rest of you.

    I’m going to think about having comments on a separate page, just to get more words 😉

    I like the idea of doing this not just here, but on other blogs … say whatever it is you want to say in your comment, then, if possible, list your word verification at the bottom of your comment.

  4. JAbel says:

    Well now the post comment shows up just like over at Trout Towers.My word is skedsh which is of course a Swedish treat made with Herring,anchovies,reindeer fat flour and sugar.Sometimes known as the Swedish Backlava.

  5. SQUID JIGGER says:

    Well, not very fair or challenging. my word is UNDAMISHI, which, of course, everyone knows is from the Sanskrit, undamishi, from the feminine Undalish which relates to the art of never picking up a check.

  6. SQUID JIGGER says:

    Fredly, this is damned good fun, I feel the need to reach into the sonic grab bag and try again.

    CROLEDLE is of course, the name of an obscure late eighties poodle metal band. Named after a minor character from the a rare short story by J. R.R. Tolkein, called THE LAY OF AOTROU AND ITROUN, published in the Welsh Review in 1945. Croledle was a very minor charactor, a mystic of sorts, who could divine the future by caressing a sacred syncretic macaroni necklace.

    The band was slightly known and notorious for it’s randy stage antics involving midgets dressed in Medeival attire. The band suddenly broke up when all members lost interest.

  7. mjcasual says:

    My word is oustyp, which is the masculine variant of Susan’s word ousnesse.
    A day of oustyp could include (but is not limited to): any and all (passive) NASCAR-related activities, any other televised sport except curling or ice skating, Rambo & Billy Jack movies, plus unlimited consumption of beer and fried pig corpse remnants.
    It is an onomatopoeiac derivation of a typical utterance overheard from the bathroom (orifice unspecified) following aforesaid consumption.
    This is kind of like a freeform version of Sez You, isn’t it?

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