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Girl Scout Cookies

I bought a box of Girl Scout Cookies from some scouts who had a table setup at the grocery store the other day and was handed this along with the box of cookies and my change:

I never got a thank you note with my cookies before … I thought it was a nice touch.

2 Responses to Girl Scout Cookies

  1. JAbel says:

    I have never received a note before.That’s a nice touch.I buy them in the fall back east from nieces and a friends daughter.Then here in L.A. They sell them in the spring.Of late I buy and they forward them on to our troops.I tried to work Prepruck into the post.The thing is for me the word shows up after I click post which is different from Trout Towers set up for me.Then I clicked back and lost the post so now I’ll get a new word

  2. mjcasual says:

    Fred, remember what the therapist (and that nice probation officer) told you – step away from the Girl Scout NOW.
    Otherwise you will have to undergo further treatment, including the controversial ‘dentsub’ aversion technique, which involves pictures of Rosie O’Donnell and the application of ice cubes.

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