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farewell, o clothes of summer

I was going out to dinner last night with my friends The Berkshirites, and realized that it was my first night out after Labor Day, and as such, it was time to find something else to wear other than linen or seersucker.


*big, heavy sigh*

I hate bowing to the fashion police.

To be honest, the weather does seem to feel more fall-like these days, but I bet it’s still warmer than some of the June days when I was wearing my summer clothes. But in those days, I think I wear them more to get myself in the mood for summer, rather than wear them because they’re needed to keep cool.

So … goodbye, seersucker; hello, chinos.

I’m still wearing flip-flops if I want to, dammit.

7 Responses to farewell, o clothes of summer

  1. Susan says:

    Mom says flip-flops are okay.

  2. jenrebecc says:

    hell, don’t most of use here wear their flip flops until at least, christmas?

  3. Fred says:

    well, yes … I suppose you’re right … but even if the fashion police care to complain, I’m drawing the line!

  4. Lisa says:

    Phooey on all that –
    I came to work today in white cotton cropped pants – clearly I’m out of control and crying for help…

  5. JAbel says:

    I love the term”Berkshirites”.It seems it would lend itself to a set of lyrics sung to “The Israelites” the old Desmond Dekker(sp) hit.

  6. Liz says:

    At least they are not Crocs (ew) which apparently conform to no fashion rules whatsoever. If the Northwestern girls lacrosse team can wear flip flops to the White House, I guess you’re good for anytime. And they can be used as a weapon if you go to India.

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