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Tomorrow is the 46th anniversary of my birth. Today, a whole bunch of friends came over and helped out with a bunch of chores and projects around the house and yard that I’ve been putting off for far too long – taking newspapers and boxes to recycling, putting up my new mailbox, some yard cleanup … oh, and they washed & waxed my car, too! Ms Greentwig organized the whole shebang – I had no clue until she showed up this morning.

Various friends brought me flowers (ladies, I’m here to tell you that there are many of us guys who love to get flowers from time to time … of course, I like to give flowers, too):

and cupcakes (mmm … chocolate, with a white sugar frosting, each with a simple yet lovely garnish of a blueberry and a mint leaf):

and fresh eggs (yes … three different colors … white, brown … and green! I’m told that Prudence is the layer of the green eggs):

Oh, and the other day, Chef Tony gave me a jar of his ancho chili and coffee rub that he uses on the steaks at Terra Luna. Also on Sunday, MDF Linda & I went gallery shopping before going to da coma and she got me these really cool tiles made by Ed & Kate Coleman.

Tonight, a bunch of us are going out for Thai food at the fairly new place in Orleans. I’m hoping to convince some group to go out for breakfast/brunch tomorrow at either Grumpy’s in Dennis or Bonatt’s in Harwich … I want me some birfday bacon & eggs!

I have some of the best friends in the whole freakin’ world. I hope you all know that I don’t take you for granted … not one bit.

post-dinner update: Chandler swung by the house as I was getting ready to head out to dinner. He couldn’t make it to dinner, but he asked if he could take me out for a cocktail on the way … I had my first and second Irish Car Bombs tonight … mmm … tasty.

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