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O frabjous day! Callooh! Callay! It’s raining!

And a good morning to you all (still morning for me, I don’t care what the clock says). I first woke up this morning to some pounding outside my door – but not pounding on my door – I have no idea what it was, but I did manage to get back to sleep. Very good blackout curtains at this place, because next thing I knew, it was 11am and the phone was ringing, telling me it was checkout time – though we had requested an extra hour, to noon,when we checked in. I guess that was OK, though, because I wasn’t too rushed getting out of the place.

And here I sit in the lobby of the motel, waiting on everyone else … I think they all got their wakeup/get out calls at noon, so who knows when I’ll see ’em.

Oh … yeah … it’s raining … pouring … looks like we’ll probably get some rain every day of the trip, if the predictions are close to accurate. It had become sort of a tradition on CTP tours to have some torrential downpours – one year in New Orleans we loaded in & out of Tipitina’s through midcalf-deep water, another year we had a show in New Orleans knocked out because of a hurricane and then had to basically follow the hurricane up the coast on our way home. The last couple of tours had been fairly dry, but we’re back to rain rain rain on this one, it would seem.

Oh well … as a drunk friend used to say to our friend George from Chicago … “tra la, tra la la” … although some people tried to convince to add a final “tra la” to that, he never succumbed to the pressure because, as I’m sure you all will understand “that would be shorta shilly”

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