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CTP Tour Wrapup

I admit it, I like lists … I just can’t help myself. So, what else was I to do but compile a list of all the songs we played on our little five-show tour and the frequency of each song. Here they are, in alphabetical order:

  1. Air Running Backwards
  2. All My Good Luck is Gone (performed 2x)
  3. Anne
  4. Ball the Wall
  5. Bob What’s-Is-Name (performed 5x)
  6. Born Again
  7. Bongo’s Summer Cottage
  8. Broadway (performed 2x)
  9. Brooklyn Bridge
  10. Brown-Eyed Girl (performed 2x)
  11. Candle
  12. Chandler Travis, King of the World
  13. Charlie’s Prelude
  14. Crab Napkin (performed 3x)
  15. Dance School
  16. Delaware
  17. Did You Ever Know?
  18. Do the Don’t
  19. Don’t Blame Me
  20. Eje Ka Jo
  21. Fluffy
  22. French Toast Man (performed 2x)
  23. Fruit Bat Fun
  24. Get Right Back Where We Started From (performed 2x)
  25. Hello Mrs Nussbaum
  26. Honeydripper
  27. I Know
  28. I’m Chandler’s Butterfly (performed 3x)
  29. Ivan in Paris
  30. King of the Road (performed 2x)
  31. Kramat
  32. Last Thing I Needed
  33. Mayor of Drunktown
  34. Mid-Morning in Moscow (performed 5x)
  35. Milk Truck on Fire
  36. Money Won’t Buy You Happiness
  37. Must Be Love
  38. My Baby Likes to Boogaloo
  39. My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
  40. Nature Boy (performed 5x)
  41. Never Never Land (incl. Phil’s keyboard solo/intro)
  42. Not My Fault
  43. Not Unhappy (performed 4x)
  44. Other Thing
  45. Rich Woman
  46. Ronald (performed 3x)
  47. Sha La La (Lover’s Heart) (performed 2x)
  48. She’s Filthy (performed 2x)
  49. Softly in the Night (performed 5x)
  50. Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening
  51. Taoist Vacation With Mashenka (performed 2x)
  52. Thank the Lord (performed 2x)
  53. That’s What She Said (performed 4x)
  54. Theme from “Dr Kildare”
  55. This is Home (performed 4x)
  56. Ticky Don’t Do That
  57. Two Cents Tops (performed 3x)
  58. Vasco da Gama (performed 3x)
  59. We’re From Fruitarama (performed 4x)
  60. When the Roses Shine in Picardy (performed 2x)
  61. Where’s My Glasses (performed 3x)
  62. Yo Tomo Mi Mano (performed 4x)
  63. (You & Me) Pushin’ Up Daisies (performed 2x)
  64. You Asked, I Came

five shows, sixty four songs, only four of which were performed at all five shows (five performed at four of the five shows) … and there are a bunch of CTP standards/regulars that we didn’t even get to (a few examples, just off the top of my head: “Jazz Dazzlers”, “Family’s Family”, “Time Marches On”, “Stay Like That”, “Llama Rhymes With Mama”, “Got To Let Go Sometime”, “Bad Bad Boatie”).

I think we all had a pretty great time on this tour; I know I did and would gladly do it again. From what I hear, feedback from the venues has been very positive as well. Hopefully, we have some new places to play in the future.

It’s hard to believe it was just a week ago that we hit the road.

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