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CTP tour, Stop Two: Ocean County Library, Bayville, NJ

That’s right – tonight, we played in a library – and here’s proof! In the fiction section, I believe. This pic is of us at the end of the night, right before we left – so apologies for our lack of pagentry. The guy in the middle of the front row, between Chandler & Dinty, is Scott, who booked us the gig and, from the sound of things, would love to have us back – thanks, Scott! MDF Linda suggested that we get one of the librarians to come up and “shush” us. Chandler loved the idea – when I told him after the show – unfortunately, things were a bit crazed before the show, and I forgot to pass on the suggestion to Chandler before the show. Too bad, it would’ve been funny.

A very receptive crowd – ranging from the very young to very old – most of them stayed for the entire hour and a half show. Another mostly hits show (most of this tour will be), though Chandler managed toss in the brand new “Two Cents Tops” (you can hear a demo version of the song on our Song of the Weak!!! page) – we played quite a bit off of “Let’s Have a Pancake”, including “That’s What She Said (clean version)”, “Crab Napkin”, “Nature Boy”, “This is Home”, and, of course, “Bob What’s-Is-Name”. One really well received song was Chandler’s rendition of “Never Never Land” from the musical “Peter Pan”. Oh, and the kids seemed to dig “French Toast Man” (of course they did!). After the show, we sold a few CDs, too.

We were back to the hotel around 10 pm – geez, what to do, what to do – I thought I was wide awake and planned to hit the hotel bar, but after some really bad chinese food downstairs (hey – they delivered) in Chandler’s room, I decided against the hotel bar and came back to my room to watch some TV and write to you, my faithful blog readers.

Tomorrow we have one of our longer drives, down to Easton, MD – but only a little over 4 hours, probably, really not all that long, especially compared to some of our past tours. The latest word we have is that ticket sales are a little light for the show tomorrow night at the Avalon Theatre, so if you have any friends in Maryland or the vicinity, please tell ’em to check us out! We also hear that our hotel is right across from the theater, which is highly convenient.

post-tour update, here’s the setlist:

  • Ivan in Paris
  • We’re From Fruitarama
  • This is Home
  • That’s What She Said
  • Softly in the Night
  • French Toast Man
  • Two Cents Tops
  • Thank the Lord
  • Not My Fault
  • I’m Chandler’s Butterfly
  • My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
  • Taoist Vacation With Mashenka
  • Not Unhappy
  • Crab Napkin
  • Phil Clements keyboard solo (which goes right into …)
  • Never Never Land
  • King of the Road
  • Yo Tomo Mi Mano
  • Mid-Morning in Moscow
  • Get Right Back Where We Started From
  • Nature Boy
  • Bob What’s-Is-Name

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