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CTP tour, Stop Four: East End Cafe, Newark, DE

It never fails to amaze me – we in the band can all be hungover and/or road-weary, but we hit the stage and all that is just water under the bridge – all the energy we need is available and many of the aches & pains disappear. Tonight, for me at least, was one of those nights. I was drifting in & out of consciousness the entire drive today; my back was killing me (it’s been hurting off & on for most of the tour, but the bed last night, while very soft & comforting, was in hindsight too soft for me). I’ll admit it – I dogged the load in & setup – but once we hit the stage, my back felt much better and I had tons of energy for the show – the healing power of music (and maybe a vodka tonic or two …) Now that the show is over and done with, I’m back to feeling exhausted – as soon as I finish this blog post, I’ll probably turn in for the night.

It was another fun gig tonight, though ultimately kinda frustrating – we were supposed to be working for the door, but not too many people came to show *and* the guy who was supposed to work the door for the club and collect money didn’t show up – so … we got dinner out of it. But hey, we got to play Delaware for the first time, so at least there’s that.

Among the members of our audience tonight was a very nice couple who saw us last night in Maryland, bought a couple of CDs, and brought another couple along tonight (and they bought a CD, too) – that made us feel pretty good. We played another close to two hour show tonight, and probably duplicated 6-8 songs from last night’s show, so this couple heard probably 3 1/2 hours of different CTP tunes in two nights. Being in Delaware, of course we had to do Chandler’s song “Delaware” – it was a bit rough around the edge, but it worked. And we played “Ronald” again and made it through the thing pretty well, so who knows, maybe it’ll get into the rotation again. A bunch of tour premiers tonight: “Dr Kildare”, “Money Won’t Buy You Happiness”, “Ticky Don’t Do That”, “Fruit Bat Fun”, “Chandler Travis, King of the World”, “I Know”, “Rich Woman”, “Do the Don’t”, “Mayor of Drunktown”, “Brown-Eyed Girl”, “Broadway”, and (of course) “Delaware”. Still no “Fluffy”, “Calling Me Back Home”, or “Dance School” – all three songs that I know Chandler would like to do with the band – hopefully, tomorrow night!

Tomorrow we drive to New York, do our gig, then drive home – so if I post again from the road, it’ll probably only be tomorrow morning. I’ll post a final tour post once I get home.

post-tour update, here’s the setlist:

  • All My Good Luck is Gone
  • Theme from “Dr Kildare”
  • Money Won’t Buy You Happiness
  • French Toast Man
  • Where’s My Glasses
  • I Know
  • Rich Woman
  • Do the Don’t
  • Delaware
  • Softly in the Night
  • Mayor of Drunktown
  • (You & Me) Pushin’ Up Daisies
  • Ticky Don’t Do That
  • Two Cents Tops
  • Ronald
  • That’s What She Said
  • Crab Napkin
  • Chandler Travis, King of the World
  • Fruit Bat Fun
  • Mid-Morning in Moscow
  • Brown-Eyed Girl
  • Broadway
  • Nature Boy
  • Bob What’s-Is-Name

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